Why Crowd Ox?

Our dynamic product survey goes far beyond basic surveys. Not only do we help you raise additional funding, but we also make sure you get the exact info you need to deliver exactly the right products to the right backers.

Crowd Ox Survey vs Basic Surveys

Crowd Ox combines a survey with a checkout process. Basic surveys ask only questions, leaving it up to you to figure out product orders, quantities, customizations, etc. Let Crowd Ox do the heavy lifting for you and delight your backers along the way.

Crowd Ox Survey Basic Static Surveys
Gather static information (name, feedback)
Require responses to questions
Collect shipping addresses
Validate and verify domestic and international addresses (using AVS) Limited
Create questions directly related to a product (personalization)
Allow selection of product variations (size, color, etc)
Show previews of selected products and variations
Allow backers to view products included in their reward
Send product selection surveys with no additional questions
Raise additional funds through upgrades and extras
Allow product selections based on available funds
Limit products purchased per backer
Limit products based on total inventory
Display summary of products and payments to your backer
Support additional purchases using credit card or PayPal
Calculate shipping costs based on location and selections
Product focused exports for multiple shipping providers