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Bluepiper Studio is a design company based in Vancouver, Canada, focusing on board game design and merchandise design. Glyph was their first campaign on Kickstarter. They brought this game to Kickstarter because of the great group of game players and enthusiasts who support these campaigns. The Bluepiper Studio team spent three years improving and optimizing the content of this game and were able to confidently release this game from the magic universe into the real world.

Glyph was launched on Kickstarter in November 2018 and was fully funded in 48 hours. Bluepiper Studios updated backers regularly with stretch goals and new video reviews. The team also shared a video of Joshua Davis, the miniature painter, painting the Elementalist and the Force Mage pieces. Bluepiper shared playthrough videos and other live streams to keep their backers updated and informed throughout the campaign. Five stretch goals were unlocked, adding extra tokens, card sleeves, new card illustrations, and a poster to the final product. By the end of the campaign, 366 backers pledged CA$ 40,209 to help bring this project to life.

Glyph is a tactical style board game that brings the most powerful wizards into this world. Glyph is adapted from a famous comic book, Tales of Tarsylia. Glyphs are relics from ancient times and they were discovered by the greatest wizard in history, Tisslair. Tisslair deciphered the rules of Glyph and recommended it to all his wizard friends. Each player’s character has its own unique skills. To win, players must maneuver their pieces to get their Scepter Piece to the center of the board or eliminate all enemy players’ Scepters.

Players follow three steps on each turn: awakening, action, reset. The Awakening Step is used to gather the magic resources. During the Action Step players can either move one piece or cast one spell. In the Reset Step players reroll any Glyph Dice they used, and then those dice are passed to the next player as their magic resources. A player wins the game when one of two conditions are met: at the beginning of the player’s turn, their Scepter Piece is in the center spot of the board, or if all other players’ scepter piece is dead, the last player standing wins.

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Game Information:
Number of player: 2-3
Suggested Play Time: 30-60 minutes
Suggested Age: 8+

Included in the box:

Round playmat
BagsDice tower
Card shelves

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: November 2018
Ship Date: September 2019