The complete 3L shell system for hiking, sports & exploring

Outstanding design made of high-quality materials at an excellent value. The future of Scandinavian outdoor gear.

What is it?

The BN007 (Pants) and the BN302 (Jacket) are high-performance outdoor gear.

Why We Love it

They have equipped this gear with integrated RECCO® reflectors. The RECCO reflectors require no power and no activation to function.

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CIZOR, a tungsten carbide cutting tool for everyday use.

In your pocket or on your desk. Super hard and always handy. This knife will cut almost anything and even smash glass in an emergency.

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EyeQue VisionCheck 2: Smartphone Vision Test

A better way to check your vision. Get personalized results for new glasses.

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Ddiin Exlicon - Groundbreaking multi-shape design tool

Draw all shapes with ease such as ellipses, circles, golden ratio, pentagons, hexagons, and more. Focus on your creative aspect.

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