THE BOYS: This Is Going To Hurt The Board Game

A competitive board game based on the hit-series THE BOYS by Dynamite Entertainment.

What is it?

A competitive adventure game For 2-5 Players ages 17 and up.

Why We Love it

You'll have the help of an army of Supes you've worked hard to recruit. To enlist the right army of Supes may take blackmail, money, muscle, and the occasional Compound V.

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Southlands 5th Edition: A Realm of High Adventure

A 5th Edition compatible setting under a pitiless sun: from carnelian temples to deadly tombs, enter a realm of god-kings and jinn!

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Palmiotti & Johnson's POP KILL Issues #3 & #4 FINALE

The last two issues of POP KILL- a comic book series created by Jimmy Palmiotti, Dave Johnson and Juan Santacruz.

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Uncharted Trilogy-Aurora Dice Set

For the three series of dice, Uncharted, Dragon Flame and Undead, aurora is wrapped by 24K gold edges.

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