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Limbo Miniatures has one goal- to bring amazing models and games that allow players to explore the world they’ve created. They’re known for Demonic Wars and Unknown Futures and offer standalone miniatures on their website. Limbo’s miniatures are all individual works of art. Designed and sculpted by masters in their field, their production process ensures the miniatures’ details are near perfect. They specialize in fantasy and science fiction figures, and Limbo: Eternal War is their first board game project.

Limbo: Eternal War launched on Kickstarter August 2018. Game Designer KP posted updates throughout the campaign and thanked backers for helping them reach their funding goal on the first day.  New miniatures and cards were released as stretch goals were met. A new initiative coin and double-sided map were also added. Extra divinity cards and a brick wall miniature stretch goals were met as backers hit the AU$315K mark. KP told character backstories and shared concept art to keep backers engaged and accepting input for future designs. The project ended with 1,842 backers pledging AU$ 342,975 to help bring this project to life.

Eternal War is a tabletop skirmish game where each player controls a small army, fighting battles that form part of a larger war. Each army is led by a powerful Lord who fights to defend their lands from the Demonic Legions. The game is played on a set of maps that serve as battlegrounds. A group of highly detailed miniatures represents each faction. There are two ways to win the game; gather victory points, or be the only player with a Lord left standing.

One of the main mechanisms of Limbo: Eternal War is the Fate Pool. Players get Fate Cards or use Fate Abilities on characters during play. On each turn, players choose what character or squad to activate while considering each different skill and abilities they possess. To attack, players roll a number of dice that will guide the game. Players’ armies are made of Lords, Heroes, Troops, and a Divinity, who serves to empower the truths from beyond reality.

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Game Information:
Number of player: 2-4
Suggested Play Time: 40-80 minutes
Suggested Age: 12+

Included in the box:

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: August 2018
Ship Date: March 2020