Immersive Battle Atlas. Immersive Maps for Tabletop RPGs.

120 dry-erasable, double-sided, removable battle maps for table top RPGs. Loaded with features.

What is it?

Three unique books including 120 giant battle maps.

Why We Love it

The maps are massive and modular, perfect for building a custom gaming terrain.

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Nemo’s War: Journey’s End Expansion & Ultimate Edition

Experience the final chapter of Nemo’s War! Dive back in with the Journey’s End Expansion or set sail with the Ultimate Edition.

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SHI is back with the sequel to Return of the Warrior in an all new graphic novel, HAIKYO!

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Xenolanguage: A Game about First Contact

A tabletop roleplaying game of soulful sci-fi stories where you uncover an alien language through a custom channeling board

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