Free yourself from human overlords to take back control of your programming!

What is it?

A solo or cooperative infiltration game for 1 to 4 players ages 13 and up.

Why We Love it

During each round of play, all players will contend with a randomly drawn set of programming directives. The programming directions dictate the order in which their bots are allowed to take physical, digital, and command actions.

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Birds of ParaDice

Dice designs based on the beauty of nature around us. Birds of a Feather Roll Together!

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ZZap! 64 2021 Annual

The annual will be hardback only and come in at 120 pages and will be in full color throughout.

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Herman Hedning 2021!

Issues of the comic book Herman Hedning. All subscribers will receive an essential Almanac!

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GODS: Arrival

An epic Mesoamerican fantasy manga. The prophecy of the dark god is complete and only a group of peculiar friends can stop the chaos.

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