ervét™ + Sanitized®: Bamboo Performance Bedding

Cooling, moisture-wicking sheets made from a sustainable organic bamboo blend & infused with Zinc so your sheets stay fresher, longer.

What is it?

Anti-microbial bamboo performance sheet set and comforter.

Why We Love it

Treated with Sanitized® hygiene function, the bedding requires less washing, so the fabric fibers stay intact longer.

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Werenbach - Extraterrestrial time pieces reinvented

Incredible mechanical high-end watches with an unbelievable story. Their dial is made from a space rocket that has left planet earth.

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Tumbao: Bio-Leather Accessories

Tumbao brings you environmentally friendly and sustainable wallets made of cactus bio-leather at an affordable price.

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Lyf Board - a family communication device

Lyf Board is a smart screen that helps families by displaying the right information, to the right person, at the right time of day, without having to ask!

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