Xcube - Modular Hardshell Backpack for Photographer & Traveler

Hard-shell | 2 Modules | Customizable | Expandable Capacities | Compatible with laptops up to 17’’ | Anti-theft | Free Shipping

What is it?

A customizable hardshell backpack to protect and store photography equipment and valuables while traveling.

Why We Love it

It's also expandable, waterproof, theft-proof, and has 15 compartments. The inside is fully customizable with 2 modules and Velcro dividers.

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30° RULER 4.0: One Ruler to Rule Them All

A laser engraved, aerospace aluminium ruler set at a practical 30° angle. Designed for designers, suitable for everyone.

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Pieces of Seasons - A Story Told Through 24 Wooden Puzzles

Hidden puzzles within puzzles. Highest resolution printing ever. Combine puzzles to make new puzzles. Every piece is uniquely shaped.

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Infantry Modular Automatic - Watches with interchangeable components

Inspired by Aviation elements. Automatic Movement with Modular Components. Customize your Watch in 20 Seconds.

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