CircuitMess STEM Box

Learn the skills of the future with electronic projects delivered to your doorstep

What is it?

A subscription-based technology building kit

Why We Love it

Every three months you’ll get a box of custom-made electronic components along with an instruction booklet, code examples, and video tutorials online.

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Crua XTENT | Transformable, All-in-One, Carry Anywhere Tent

Versatile, Lightweight and Easy-to-Use 2 & 3 Person Tents. Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer.

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The All-Day Adventure Flask by Hibear

The Swiss Army Knife of Insulated Bottles: Unmatched versatility to pack less & do more.

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ClickStraw: Oneclick open straw that saves the ocean!

Easier, faster and better to clean than other straws. No foul smell, taste or residue! Helps reduce plastic waste from our oceans.

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LastRound - The reusable cotton round

LastRound is your everyday cotton round reimagined. Same look and feel, better for the planet.

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Nanobag 4.0 - Ultralight Reusable Shopping Bags

Tiny bags that easily fit in your pocket and are made to be brought everywhere.

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Stöd Varan-TV!

Help the Varan group get a comedy series

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