SEEUS95: A Radical Alternative Transparent Shield and Respirator

Adhesive. Skin Healing. Reusable. N95 Bio-Filter.

What is it?

A self-adhesive face mask.

Why We Love it

Light-weight and adhesive, the SEEUS95 won't pull on your ears and is kind to your skin.

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WonderSpray - The World’s First Portable Butt Shower

Revolutionizing the way people poop one clean bum at a time.

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KEEXS eMotion: The World's Smartest Sneaker

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Fox & Robin: An Ethical Activewear Brand

The first and only activewear brand to disclose its factory workers' wages.

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DASH Wall-Mounted Workspace

A zero footprint, wall-mounted workspace with desk

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The Territory Pants

Ultimate Comfort, Performance, and Style for Travel, Work, and Play. Built Sustainably in the U.S.A

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SureShot Tee

SureShot Tee™: a durable and eco-friendly tee that moves out of your way to give you a low resistant impact and a longer shot distance.

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Scooter One Shoes: The Most Advanced Minimalistic Sneaker

Sustainably designed to be the lightest, softest, fully cushioned high-tech shoe

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Nuzzle | The Pillow Reimagined

One pillow for every sleeping position. With Nano-coil and astronaut-inspired tech, you can now totally customize your sleep.

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