Token Sesame | The Transforming Token Holder for Board Games

Save table space | Infinite configurations | Collectible art plates by tabletop artists | Converts to dice tray | Compact travel mode.

What is it?

An adjustable board game token holder.

Why We Love it

Completely modular, this click-together set of token holders can be arranged into thousands of variations.

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Stefan Feld City Collection - Hamburg & Amsterdam

Hamburg & Amsterdam kick off the Stefan Feld City Collection which will expand over many years to come!

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Brian Pulido's Newest: Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy #1!

The EVIL Within -- UNLEASHED! The 12th Chapter in Lady Death's Coffin Comics saga!

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Old Norse for Modern Times

The essential guide to speaking like a Viking.

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Dining with Dracula

A family-friendly blood draining worker placement & time management adventure, where Dracula’s relatives compete to inherit his empire!

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SYNDICATE: An Interplanetary Conquest Board Game (REDUX!)

Build the most formidable interplanetary criminal empire in this new thematic sci-fi board game.

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The Everwood Ruins Book Nook

Vol. 1 of the Miniverse series.

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Hellboy: The Roleplaying Game

A brand-new Hellboy roleplaying experience, based on the visionary Hellboy graphic novels by Mike Mignola and powered by 5th Edition.

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