Breeze: the cooling face mask with gold and silver filters

Double filtration respirator with face cooling technology & optional magnetic eye shield. Two designs: valves with filters & no-valves.

What is it?

An anti-pollution mask that filters out over 99% of particles from the air you breathe.

Why We Love it

Includes sanitizing gold and silver galvanic filters, face-cooling technology and "clear sound" valves for phone calls.

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Lumonitor: 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor

Ultralight | Touchscreen | 4K Resolution | Built-in battery | Universally Compatible | Plug and Play

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Rhamani - The Ultimate Adventure Sandal

Insanely light and versatile - they transform from comfy camp slides into full-on adventure sandals.

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Ghost Pacer: Your Personal Holographic Workout Partner

Maximize Every Workout with an On-Demand Holographic Running Partner

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Functional Shoes: Run, Hike and Walk Pain-Free.*

MORE stability + MORE protection + MORE toefreedom® = LESS pain!*

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Volcanxx- Adaptive clothing made with active volcanic sand.

Volcanxx® is a revolutionary fabric that uses the best technology and natural materials to adapt to your body temperature and your environment.

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Stria Ruler - Unfolding Creativity

An elegant folding ruler machined from solid brass or steel designed to last a lifetime.

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MAXIM AIR - World's Best Blazer with 18 features

Features a breathable, lightweight design with stain repellent nano-tech and a wrinkle-free blend.

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Complete Excel, Python and Machine Learning eDegree for All

Excel programming, fundamentals, VBA, Python, machine learning, Amazon Honeycode and more.

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