“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment.

A foot massage is an ultimate de-stresser, and the KONE-X Active Mat by Activelife offers the benefits and relief of a foot massage in a simple and innovative floor mat. Outside the relief that comes from a quality foot rub, the KONE-X Active Mat also improves balance and can help prevent back pain.

It’s the only standing mat recommended by a podiatrist and creator Dr. Stephen Bui is a surgeon and inventor who is passionate about injury prevention, naturopathy, and providing tools to keep active people moving pain-free. Activelife’s patented Sp1ke technology offers hundreds of massaging nubs that are guaranteed to bring comfort and pain relief. My feet are enjoying the KONE-X as I write this, and I’ll admit they’re feeling pretty good.

The mat is also beneficial for improving balance, something Dr. Bui sees as necessary for a strong body. The mat makes balance training easy, it feels great, and it promotes healthy movement.

The mat can easily be moved and used anywhere. It’s waterproof and antimicrobial so taking it into the shower or kitchen won’t breed germs. It has anti-slip material and the hexagon shape supports weight. It is promised to not lose its shape or flatten like other standing mats. It’s 15mm thick and 24”x18”. It can be used sitting or standing and bare feet are recommended, though you can wear socks or shoes and still feel some benefit.

Other doctors and athletes have been testing the KONE-X Mat and love the feeling it offers their feet. The fact that it can easily be moved around the house is something I find really useful. Knowing I can put it in the kitchen while I make dinner or give myself a massage while working means I can easily get those 10-15 minutes each day and start seeing the long-term benefits.

I appreciated the massaging nubs that dispersed some energy and gave a restorative foot massage to my tired and achy feet. The mat is also able to ease fatigue and tightness from feet, back, and hips from the acupressure from the nubs in just 10-15 minutes of use a day.

Research started in October 2018 and was released onto Indiegogo November 2019. Activelife is driven by their passion for active living and want to help people keep moving pain-free. Dr. Bui founded Activelife in 2015 and released its first product in 2018. KONE-X Active Mat is the latest in a long line of successful products.

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Indiegogo
Launch Date: November 2019
Ship Date: February 2020
Company Website: ActiveLifeUSA.com