Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.  

“Kill Merlin!” was created by Schuman Family Games- a father, Dave, and his two sons, Zev, 15 and Zane, 9, who invent games together. Dave is a software engineer and entrepreneur who wanted to lead by positive example. He created this project with his sons to show his children that the act of creation is fun and achievable.

Their campaign on Kickstarter began September 2018 and their $12,000 goal was fully funded in under 11 hours. Within 11 days it had grown to 132% funding and when the campaign ended October 18, 2018, 373 backers pledged $21,431. Schuman Family Games was able to reach their stretch goal of spell card artwork with individual iconography which makes it easier for players to distinguish each spell on the board. Since January 2020 Kill Merlin! is available in retail stores across the United States.

Kill Merlin is a fun, interactive game both kids and adults will enjoy. Fast and easy to teach, there are levels of strategy that allow the newcomer to have a good time and the novice to get better each game. The beautiful artwork, unique mechanics and high player interaction makes for a great family game.

Merlin is the most powerful wizard in the land and has cornered the market on all magical ingredients. Fellow wizards must use strategy, magical ingredients, and mystical spells to bring Merlin down. During their turn, players will buy ingredients, learn spells and cast spells to disable their opponents and be the first to defeat Merlin. Each full game of Kill Merlin! takes about 15-30 minutes per player. Because the spell board is dealt randomly each game, the duration will vary.

For more information on Kill Merlin! and their kickstarter campaign see details below.

Game Information:
Number of player: 2-4
Suggested Play Time: 30-120 minutes
Suggested Age: 13+

Included in the box:
Sepll Board
Merlin Cards
Secret Formula Cards
Spell Cards
Ingredient Cards
Mana Tokens
Wizard Pawns
Wizard Tokens
Merlin's Turn Card

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: September 2018
Ship Date: December 2019