“Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.”

Arena was created by Dragori Games, which was started by three friends who shared a dream and a mission to create board games that would sit on everyone’s tables and not their shelves. The first released their game in 2019 and is back for a second print in 2020 with many improvements and an expansion. Their team is comprised of 5 talented creators, designers and sculptors and they have a company mascot which is a small white dog.

Dragori released Arena on Kickstarter on March 27, 2018 and they were fully funded within the first day. Backers were able to vote for their favorite alternate ruins tile artwork that would go into the game. Their team revealed new stretch goals that would be available for the backers as they continued to support the campaign.  The Elder Dragon miniature was displayed after it had been painted but the painter. Oris the Monk was unlocked as a new character for part of the stretch goals. They were able to successfully fund their campaign with $730,271 within a month of the launch.

“Legend tells that, a long time ago, in the world of Tanares, the gods descended upon the plane to decree: massive bloodshed will be punished with natural catastrophes. A powerful, strong man quickly filled the power vacuum and established an Empire, founded on the premise that wars would no longer happen. and, for that, only one army could exist:the imperial one, assembled to enforce Tanares’ most important law: Large armed groups are forbidden.

But conflicts of interest are inevitable. If the imperial Army were ever late to any scene of violence, even the smallest of fights could quickly escalate to a point in which blood would be massively shed. The solution was simple: the Empire should not avoid violence. It just had to be contained. That’s when the ARENA was born: a place where even the biggest of conflicts could be solved with a minimal amount of bloodshed. With the Imperial Army enforcing the result of combats, it quickly became clear that all the power would be in the hands of those who could train or hire, the best fighters to represent their interests. These fighters have the fate of entire nations in the hands. The power of entire armies on their weapons. With good reason, such exceptional combatants are called HEROES.” To find out more about Arena please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 1-8
Suggested Play Time: 45-90mins
Suggested Age: N/A

Included in the box:
2x Brute Hero Figures
2x Tactician Hero Figures
2x Tank Hero Figures
2x Healer Hero Figures
2x Shooter Hero Figures
2x Controller Hero Figures
4x Sentinel Figures
3x Soldier Figures
3x Sniper Figures
1x Warlord Figure
1x Dragon Figure
3x Chest Figures
2x Orb Figures
3x Prisoner Figures
1x Rulebook
1x Quest Guide
1x Campaign Tome
1x Quickstart
12x Character Sheets (Heroes)
2x Player Aids
8x Character Sheets (Bosses)
1x Game Board
Trays (by GameTrayz)
1 Hero Tray + lid
1 Villain Tray + lid
1 Base Tray
48x Hero Attack Cards
14x Heroic Action Cards
20x Level UP Cards
30x Scroll Cards
16x Artifact Cards
11x Villain Cards
15x Boss Spell Cards
20x Evil Power Cards
15x Flask Cards
5x Fate Cards
60x Campaign Cards
40x Boss Attack Cards
5x Wall Tiles (5×1)
9x Wall Tiles (4×1)
4x Wall Tiles (3×1)
2x Wall Tiles (2×1)
2x Big Door Tiles
4x Single Door Tiles
2x Lever Tiles
2x Lava/Spikes Tiles (4×2)
2x Lava/Spikes Tiles (3×3)
2x Lava/Spikes Tiles (3×1)
4x Lava/Spikes Tiles (2×2)
2x Lava/Spikes Tiles (2×1)
4x Altar Tiles
4x Portal Tiles
2x Ruins/Swamp Tiles (4×2)
4x Ruins/Swamp Tiles (2×2)
2x Stairs Tiles
4x Quest Item Tiles
2x Team Tokens
12x Hero Tokens
19x Foe Tokens
8x Life Tokens
4x Aid Tokens
6x Door Tokens
1x XP Token
1x Time Token
3x Prisoner Tokens
2x Orb Tokens
Dices & Bases
2x Dice – d20
12x Colored Rings

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: March 27,2018
Ship Date: April 2019
Website: Dragori Games