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Bargain Quest was created by BQ Games. Siblings Jonathan Ying and Victoria Ying started the company together. Victoria is an author and artist that lives in Los Angeles. She started her career in the arts by writing comic books. She has worked in Animation on graphic novels and comic books. Her film credits are “Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, Paperman, Big Hero 6, and Moana. Her brother Johnathan Ying is a game designer who is currently living in New Jersey. He has designed a number of bestselling board games including Star war: Imperial assault, Game of Thrones:The Trivia Game and Doom The Board Game.

Bargain Quest released their game on Kickstarter on August 6th, 2018. Their project was funded in under 12 hours by which time they had over double their original goal. Bargain Quest introduced Table Titians Bonus Packs to that backers. They introduced The Black Market Expansion with The Bravo card and announced  that they had just broken $100,000. They went through showing backers some of the monsters that were included in the black market expansion. By week two they had reached $180K. Bargain Quest was featured by Geek and Sundry and Kotaku websites who released information about the game. Their project funded successfully raising $392,045.

Bargain Quest is a game that is about adventure and capitalism.  Players become shopkeepers that sell items to a town that is plagued by monsters. They must draft cards and stock shelves to arrange a display that will attract buyers. After the purchases the heroes will face off against monstrous threats. It is a lighthearted and fun games that weighs the risks against the rewards.  There are over a hundred cards to choose from and a huge variety of heroes, monsters and employees so that no two rounds will ever be the same.

“Each hero has different tastes, while a Mage might want magic scrolls and pointy hats, a Rogue might prefer leather coats and knives. Fighters and Clerics meanwhile both love heavy armor! You'll need to draft carefully to be sure that you have just the right items for the hero that enters your shop!Sell equipment to your hero so that they'll be ready to battle with the current monster! If your hero is successful, you earn STARS, which are worth points at the end of the game! You can think of them like positive Yelp ratings. But in every round that the heroes fail to defeat the monster it attacks the town, stealing your money or damaging your store! Each of the game's 12 different monsters have unique abilities!  “ To find out more about Bargain Quest please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2-6
Suggested Play Time: 30mins
Suggested Age: 10+

Included in the box:
6 Folding Item Shop Boards
112 Item Cards
16 Hero cards
20 employee cards
12 monster cards
156 tokens
1 quest tokens
18 adventure cards
1 rulebook
1 box

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: August 6, 2018
Ship Date: September 2019
Website: Bargain Quest Games