“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment

The NESSH Jacket is a “high performance ultralight mid layer elite jacket without the price tag. Not only is the price tag economical, but every jacket that is sold the company donates a jacket to the homeless. Jackets are one of the things that are in most demand at homeless shelters and having a jacket can sometimes be a determining factor in whether or not a homeless person will survive the winter.

The NESSH jacket is very light and only weighs 12 oz. The fabric is made out of nylon shell and has two different insulation options of goose down or synthetic materials. The hood is made to be compatible with a helmet so that it can be used for skiing and it has an elastic cord adjuster so that you can keep the cold out. The material that it is made out of is breathable but also wind resistant. The coat features a water resistant coating so that water will not get into it.

The coat has an inner pocket that I can fit my phone into. This makes it very convenient for when I am skiing to keep it in a safe place where it won’t fall out. The side pockets are also 2X deeper than a regular pocket so that I can fit my mitts in there when I am not using them. The hem of the jacket features a an elastic hem with a cord adjuster and is also longer in the back so that I don’t have to worry about snow getting into the top of my pants when I am skiing.

The NESSH Jacket compares very similarly to the North Face Jacket but is nearly half the price. It also offers a lot of features that those coats didn’t like wrist mitts, stretchable sides, and the ability to fit into its own pocket. The coat’s fabric is same on the interior as it is on the exterior and it features a special design to help with performance while skiing or enjoying out for sports. The entire jacket can be folded up and zipped into its own pocket so that it can be carried with me anywhere easily. To find out more about the NESSH jacket or to view their Kickstarter campaign please visit the links below.

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: November 6, 2018
Ship Date: April 2019
Website: Dark Peak