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Strange Space Games is a small board game company operated out of Austin, TX. Corwin Riddle’s goal with his company is to create the kind of games that he wants to play with his friends. Arcane Alley is their first game to be released on Kickstarter. It was designed to be light enough to not intimidate casual gamer friends, but also have enough depth to keep the heavy gamer friends engaged. They made the game support up to 6 players so that a lot of people could play together.

Arcane Alley launched on Kickstarter on November 8, 2018. Within the first 24 hours the game was 45% funded and still continuing to rise. By day 5 their project was $10,000 funded. They shared a play through of the game from Jon Gets Games and were also able to share some of the artwork that was going to go into the game. By November 23rd Arcane Alley was completely funded and they started working on the stretch goals. The inspection tracking token was introduced for the backers.

The storyline behind Arcane Alley is that each player is a wizard merchant who is peddling curiosities to the most curious enchanters. The goal of the game is to outsell, outsmart, and outlast the other players with help from the magical items in the storehouse. There are inspectors in the game that the merchants will need to avoid.

Some of the items that the merchants are trying to sell are things like mystical lamp with a genie, a wizards watch, the magic boomerang, a dragons egg, bubbling cauldron, hypnotic toad, or a haunted doll. Each of the items on the cards that the players collect and play have points that will either raise money for you or have infamy points. There are specific cards in the game that can also help you to gain special abilities that can be used during the game. The merchants in the game are trying to collect 100 gold and be the most successful merchant. To find out more about this game or to view their Kickstarter campaign please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2-6 players
Suggested Play Time: 45 minutes
Suggested Age: 10+

Included in the box:
game box
140 item cards
6 wizard cards
6 player aid cards
game board
18 score tokens
1st player marker
12 fine markers

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: November 8, 2018
Ship Date: September 2019
Website: Strange Space Games