“Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.”

Kolossal Games was created by Travis R. Chance. This vision of his company is to be a large publisher with a passionate team of people who love their jobs making amazing, diverse, accessible, inclusive games and to have a direct relationship with their customers. Kolossal Games is a well known publishing company and has created a number of games that they have released on Kickstarter. Some of their titles include Omen, Mezo, Almanac, Imperius, Totemic, Hunt the Ravager, and more. They are known for having a variety of themes and setting for their games and their graphics are always well done.  All Manor of Evil was created as part of the Mikro games by Kolossal games that are meant to be smaller box games.

All Manor of Evil was released on Kickstarter on October 30, 2018. They decided to do a special release on Halloween just as the clock stuck midnight. They funded overnight and then were able to start unlocking their stretch goals of the Madness Stirs expansion set. It contained 6 new monster cards that were some of the more iconic monsters in the world of Lovecraft. By day two they closed in on being over 200% funded. Kolossal continued to share and unlock new pieces and sections of the game sharing their cards as they continued. By November 15, they had raised over $53,000 for the production of their game.

The storyline behind the game is-All Manor of Evil takes players inside the mind and abode of HP  Lovecraft. As players pilfer and steal ancient relics, unseen forces awaken and madness stirs. Beyond the larceny at hand, each player has an agenda of their own. Some want only to survive the night, while others wish to call forth an elder god eager to devour the players... or the world.”

All Manor of Evil captures the feeling of being in a haunted house. We wanted those moments where something scary, something strange, jumps out and scares you senseless. So that's what monsters do. Three monsters are shuffled into the Manor deck in total. When drawn from the Manor deck they are resolved, impacting the game immediately. Some may add awakening tokens to gods, refill all the empty rooms in the Manor, or even cause players to share their roles with a neighbor. But monsters with Lurk do a bit more, lingering in the Manor to make things a tad more... interesting. Some monsters with Lurk have a fondness for specific rooms, while a couple can be placed by the player with the lantern. The monsters have a persistent effect for players that steal from the room. Some effects are good, while a few others are bad.” To find out more about the game or to view their Kickstarter campaign please visit the links below.

Suggested Players: 1-6
Suggested Play Time: 15-45
Suggested Age: 14+

Included in the box:
6 double sided god cards
20 action cards
10 role cards
62 relic cards
4 lovecraft cards
1 manor board plus vault board extension
30 double sided tokens
1 first player token
21 double sided awakening tokens

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: October 30, 2018
Ship Date: October 10, 2019
Website: Kolossal Games