“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment”

The Sonic Soak is a tool that cleans clothes, fruits, vegetables, watches, baby items, glasses, razors, personal hygiene tools, jewelry, silverware, and lace with the newest evolution in washing technology. The Sonic Soak utilizes ultrasonic technology that results in a deeper clean, saved time, water and energy all in a small package that can be taken anywhere. The tool is no bigger than a smart phone and it makes it easy for me to store and take on the road.

The Sonic Soak gives off 50,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second and cleans at a microscopic level. All of the small areas that are generally missed inside of a washer can be targeted directly with a Super Sonic. It is a small device that is quiet and can easily be used in a hotel room while traveling to clean clothing, glasses, or whatever you need. There are items that are harder to clean such as baby bottles or lace and the Super Sonic works very well with these items to get them clean in a way that is not damaging.

The Sonic Soak works by created tiny waves and bubbles that wash away dirt grime and oils. To run the device you simply fill a basin up with water, place the items in there with the device, plug in the device and turn it on, and then the device will work according to a timer.  It works very well on items that are hand wash only and to be washed in your sink.

The Sonic Soak is greener and uses 10% of energy consumption and less than 2% of the water consumption of a conventional washing machine. The device gets items cleaner than using a washing machine. It is also portable and lighter than an iPhone. To find out more about the Sonic Soak please visit the links below to see the item or their Indiegogo campaign.  

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Indiegogo
Launch Date: October 9, 2017
Ship Date: March 2, 2019
Website: Sonic Soak