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Luke Peterschmidt and Jay Hernishin are the partners that started the gaming company Fun to 11. Luke has spent the past 16 years working by playing games and is an award winning game designer and an accomplished brand manager. He is also a successful entrepreneur. He lives in Lebanon, PA where he works out of the Geek Dynasty offices. Jay Hernishin is responsible for making things pretty he has over twenty years of design experience  including print and interactive. He has worked in both the non-profit and the corporate sector. He has won awards for his design work  taking home the American Graphic Design and Creativity 33 Award. Together the team has published Misatonic School for girls and Holiday Break, Castle Dice, misatonic school for boys, Epic PVP: Magic- Awesome Box Edition, Scneeble, Flame War, and Fairy Mischief.  

Fun to 11 released their game “The Partisans” on Kickstarter for the first time on August 22, 2018. Within 24 hours they were able to raise 25% of their funding goal. They did a live play through of their game on Twitch. Within two more days they were 50% funded. They encouraged their other backers to share the game with their friends. The designers of the game Nick Reddick and Andrew Park did an “Ask me anything” on reddit to promote their game. By September 16 the game was completely funded and starting to reach for stretch goals. They were successfully able to raise $49,637 for the funding of their game.

The Partisans is a tabletop game that is based on political ideology attempting to move the government toward your goals. Some of the features of the game are politics without parties or politicians and negotiation, backstabbing, and dirty tricks. All of the regular parts of being a politician. Playing an ideology allows the game to be played by people of all political leanings without causing issues… Players are able to grab dirt on their opponents and team up with powerful lobbyists or mob members to get what they want.

The Partisans is a game that is easy to teach and fun for players who are interested in politics, as well as gamers who just really like games with negotiations and treachery. It is fun to play and is a great reminder that politics is supposed to be all about ideas. The game shows all of the pressures and incentives that go along with having a republic government. To find out more about the game The Partisans or to see their kickstarter campaign then please visit the links below.    

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 4-6
Suggested Play Time: 45 minutes
Suggested Age: 8 +

Included in the box:
6 faction cards
70 Amendment cards
48 Political action cards
18 Lobby Cards
10 event cards
More than 90 tokens
1 Game Board

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: August 21, 2018
Ship Date: July 31, 2019
Website: Fun to 11