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A Moral Company is a satirical board game company whose motto is “Good games for bad people”. The company is new and is known for liking a bit of mischief.

Dopeman was able to raise quite a bit of mischief on Kickstarter. As a mature content game with fictional immoral content such as robbing banks. The company listed a disclaimer on the site that said the game was designed solely for recreational use by adults and does not endorse illegal activity. They were able to successfully raise all of the money for their campaign. Within a month, A Moral Company had raised a total of $11,304 for the printing of Dopeman.

Dopeman is the not so family friendly board game. Play as a power-hungry drug dealer trying to get rich quick. Deliver goods to your customers but watch out for the cops and rival dealers. They’ll try to take you down as you negotiate, bribe, and scheme your way to the top. Make the most money before time’s up, and you win!” In the game Dopeman there are four different suppliers who are selling Weed, Molly Cake, and Shrooms.

Each player picks one supplier to buy drugs from throughout the game. The clients are located around the block and as you move along they will send text messages to you to ask for drugs. Next the player will have to deliver the drugs to the clients. On the text message will be a where, what kind of drugs and how many that need to be delivered. During the game they will have to avoid the cops. Landing on the same tile as fellow drug dealers will also make it so that you can rob them. Both players roll one die and the highest roll wins.

Drug dealers can also grow their crew to increase their movement around the board. And they also have your back during the robbery. Different intel cards can also help you to get rich. avoid jail time, and snitch on your friends. Players can trade text messages, drugs, weapons, or cash. There are no rules around trading- all is fair in love and drugs. When the time is up, each dealer should liquidate items and count up their cash. The player with the highest total wins. To find out more about this game or their Kickstarter campaign then please visit the links below. 

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2-4

Suggested Play Time: 60 minutes

Suggested Age: 18+

Included in the box: 

400 Dollar Bills

33 Text Messages
12 Baggies Per Drug

12 Associates
4 Player Meeples 2 Pistols
2 Brass Knuckles 2 Swtichblades
1 Cop Car 1 Cop Die
1 Player Die 1 Rulebook

Project Details:

Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter

Launch Date: April 19, 2019

Ship Date: May 20, 2019
Website: A Moral Company