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Critical Role Miniatures were created as a collaboration between Steamforged Games and Critical Role cast. Steamforged Games is known for being the leader in quality for PVC miniature production. The creator of Steamforged Games grew up playing table games when he was a kid and would play at the game shop. His father was the one that helped to influence him to love gaming the most. His father bought hero quest for him.  He also loved computer games. Tabletop games were always in the background in his life. He decided that he wanted to start getting into publishing and started helping organize some of the big gaming tournaments. The creator of Steamforged has also competed in a lot of competitive tournaments for games like War Machine and become the tournament champ and is well known in the industry.

Critical Role is a weekly live streamed show series where professional voice actors act out Dungeons and Dragons. The series is broadcast live on Twitch. The show consists of eight main cast members, all of whom are the original cast and happen to be best friends. Matt Mercer serves as the dungeon master. The show has been airing since March 12, 2015. The two companies were very excited to worked together and collaborated closely on this project. Their campaign was so popular that it was an enormous success on Kickstarter.

The combination of the popularity of Critical Role and the reputation of Steamforged games made an amazing team.  Steamforged Games launched their Kickstarter Campaign for the miniatures on June 26th, 2017. They met their funding goal very quickly. Within the first 24 hours they had nearly surpassed their $500,000 milestone for the support of their game. They released a stream on Twitch TV of the miniatures and by July 4th they had smashed past $925,000. By the next day the team had reached 1 million dollars. The company was completely humbled and blown away by the amount of support that they had been given for the release of their miniatures. They announced that at Gencon 2018 that they would be releasing a special limited edition model resin miniature.

The Critical Role miniatures that were released with the Kickstarter campaign were those of The Might 9 and Vox Machina. With one pledge it got you miniatures from each of the groups. Steamforged worked hard to create an advanced miniatures development pipeline and worked carefully with manufacturing partners. The quality of the work in the miniatures that were provided was industry leading. Every detail of the minis were preassembled from PVC and were ready to paint and play right out of the box. To find out more about Critical Role, or to view their Kickstarter Campaign please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: N/A
Suggested Play Time: N/A
Suggested Age: N/A

Included in the box:
8 Miniatures from Vox Machina
8 Minatures from The Mighty 9
6 Kickstarter Exclusive Miniatures

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: June 26, 2018
Ship Date: July 4, 2019
Website: Steamforged Games