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The mission of Something Creative Here LLC is to create games and entertainment that bring families and friends together in ways that delight and inspire the imagination. AndThen is a funny and creative game that was made to enhance the group writing game playing experience. To play the game just sit in a circle with your friends, take turns passing and writing in the flip books with the dry erase markers that are provided. Players will continue to pass and write in the books until all of the stories are complete. At the end of each round, erase the flip books and play again.

Something Creative Here  launched their Kickstarter campaign for AndThen on October 18, 2018. Their campaign was 69% funded within five days. The creator of the game noted that he had received a lot of support from family and friends and how he was able to reconnect with people that he had not seen in a long time through his Kickstarter campaign. On October 26th his campaign was 100% funded. He talked about the response that he was receiving from people saying that what they really loved about his game was that it was an opportunity to bring people together and get them interacting instead of on their smart phones.

Something Creative Here talked about going to a game night with people that he didn’t know and having a riot of a time. Laughter connects people and makes it almost impossible to maintain any kind of distance or social hierarchy when you are howling with laughter. There is something that is magical and refreshing about the game that brings a group closer together and brings them to life.

Something Creative Here said of their game “AndThen... encourages creativity, comedy, and connection.  It gets the hamster wheel in your mind spinning and your face grinning.  (Disclaimer:  If you play it a lot, you may have more random funny thoughts pop into your head throughout the day that make you laugh.)  And even if you play the game with complete strangers (new friends), something about the collaboration and the wittiness creates these memorable, special moments that you can cherish forever, or perhaps never forget.  (Like the special occasion when you introduced each other to your families in the ball pit at McDonalds.  SO classy!  Or the moment when the two of you stopped eating cookies to exclaim, "Um, that's not chocolate!”)” To find out more about AndThen... and it's Kickstarter campaign visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 5 to 35
Suggested Play Time: 10 to 45 minutes
Suggested Age: 10 and up

Included in the box:
8 flip books with instructions
8 dry erase markers
8 erasers

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: October 18, 2018
Ship Date: January 18, 2019
Website: Something Creative Here