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DPH Games created The Gate of R’lyeh, their company started in 2013 with the geocaching board game Cache Me, If You Can! They have since gone on to win awards for a few other games that they have made with Superheroes and Zombies being selected as Knights of the Dinner Table’s Editor Choice.  Their game about the Salem with trials, Affliction: Salem 1692 won many positive reviews and national attention. DPH games is known for creating games that area  little bit different that the standard fare.

The campaign for The Gate of R’lyeh  launched on March 30, 2018. At the beginning of the campaign they showed a live painting of the alter for the game. Within 24 hours they were 70% funded. It only took another hour for them to become completely funded. They announced the next stretch goals that they would be reaching for which were character cards and a bulk adjustment for Id cards. They hosted a live play through of the game to show the backers how it would play. They also had a review done by the Unfiltered Gamer Review. By April 29, they were able to successfully raise $12,861 for the production of their game.

In The Gate of R’lyeh players work on a team of paranormal investigators that cast incantations into a cosmic gate to keep it closed. Behind the gate is Cthulhu in his prison. Players trigger the four needed incantations to keep the gate closed. Some of the actions from the game can cause insanity and players have to draw from the insanity deck. If success for the players looks bleak then they can consult the Necronmicon, which is dangerous and risky and could result in either more time for or an immediate and gruesome end.

The game is played in rounds starting with the player holding the pocket watch and proceeding clockwise so that each player takes a turn. The clock advances one hour after each round. Each of the players has a choice of five actions during their turn. In this game the cultists are not the main enemy, the clock is. The goal of the Sigil is to have 4 of the 7 cards played into the incantation be of the Target Sigil. Playing cards that are Polar Opposites are damaging to the goal the seventh card is played face up and triggers the incantation. All cards are revealed and success or failure is determined. If the investigators fail to create 4 Sigils by the stroke of midnight, all will be lost.  To find out more about The Gate of  R'lyeh please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 4-8
Suggested Play Time: 45-60
Suggested Age: 10 and up

Included in the box:
Clock and tracking token
4 sigil tokens
8 yes/no vote tokens
10 necromicon cards
main game board
78 insanity cards
4 god cards without text
10 secret nature cards
12 equipment cards
9 god cards
12 artifact cards
token stands
12 player reference cards
37 mythos cards

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: March 30, 2018
Ship Date: January 22, 2019
Website: DPH Games