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AEG was started by John Zinser. John had been playing games since the time that he was 13 years old. He and his friends loved to play Dungeons and Dragons. He was a serial entrepreneur and had started many companies before deciding to go into gaming. At the time John was working in golf marketing and had decided to pursue a career in his passion of gaming. With the support of his parents he opened a warehouse in Apply Valley. His company Alderac Entertainment Games has now been publishing games for over 20 years and has published titles such as Custom Heroes, Dice City, Ecos, Istanbul, and Junta to name just a few. Thunderstone Quest is a game series that AEG published, their first campaign did so well that they were able to reboot the game with an updated barricades mode.

To launch their game they approached Kickstarter to get the word out about their rerelease of Thunderstone Quest. Their project launched on July 17, 2018. Their new Kickstarter featured a barricades mode and also a new quest called What Lies Beneath, which told the story of the rise of a tide creatures and monsters from the catacombs beneath Thunderstone Keep.  Within the first day their campaign was fully funded. They kept their backers hooked with bits of story from the game to go with all of their stretch goals. The company went on to reach for 49 different stretch goals that were added to the game. In total they were able to each $731, 383 for the publishing of their rerelease.

Thunderstone Quest is a game that consists of different quests. “Each Quest has a selection of dungeon tiles and monster cards that create an engaging storyline. Each quest includes rules for selecting Village and Dungeon cards to created a variety of Adventures.” After each of the quests have been mastered you can use a random setup of the Quest Cards to create new Dungeons and Villages. AEG has created multiple expansions that hold different quests that can be added on to the original game. With this expansion it will include a large card holding box so that other decks can be held inside of it.

In Thunderstone Quest players compete to see who can win the most victory points when the game ends. It is a deck building game so you try to build the best deck possible for achieve the play strategy you prefer based on the options that are assembled for each game, and the random challenges that you need to overcome. Each players deck represents a party of stalwart adventurers who will face and defeat the challenges of the Dungeon and will return to the Village to recover and re-equip. To find out more about Thunderstone Quest or to view the added on options with this Kickstarter Campaign please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2-4
Suggested Play Time: 90 minutes
Suggested Age: 14 +

Included in the box:
Really Big Box that holds all Champion content (even sleeved!)
5 Quests (each Quest includes approximately 245 cards and 6 Dungeon Tiles [except Ripples in Time which includes 4])
Over 130 base game cards (starting cards, quest cards, treasure cards, wound cards, key cards, randomizers & dividers)
Wilderness tile
Village game board
6 plastic Champion figures
140 wood tokens
5 six-sided dice
Rule book
Quest book
Kickstarter exclusives & extras including The Yellow Knight card & meeple (googly eyes not included)

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: July 17, 2018
Ship Date: June 17, 2019
Website: Alderac Entertainment Group