“Game On” is a series in which we examine the companies, creators, and games in crowdfunding. We look at the journey, ideas, and concepts the creators wanted to bring to market with their product.”

Robert Dougherty grew up in upstate NY and was studying to be an Electrical Engineer when he dropped out of college to pursue his life long passion which was games. He opened the iconic Your Move Games stores, and led the store’s legendary professional team that created a slew of Hall of Fame magic players. Rob was inducted into the Magic Pro Tour Hall of Fame in 2006 and has over 20 years of industry experience that has spanned nearly every aspect of hobby gaming. He has co founded multiple game companies and successfully published dozens of games and gaming accessories.

He approached Kickstarter about launching his new game Sorcerer on November 7, 2017. His game was funded in only one day reaching $100,000 on the first day. Over the weekend they were able to unlock another stretch goal and then also add a three player format. Robert encouraged his backers to reach out to fellow gamers and to stay active on the BoardGame Geek Sorcerer forum to help keep the momentum going for the game. Rob announced that they would have Sorcerer card sleeves and other add ons, including more add ons for star realms games. More cards were unlocked as stretch goals as the campaign made its way along. Overall they were successfully able to raise $392,050 for the production of their game.

Sorcerer is a strategy card game that is melded with a tactical board game in a world of dark horrors. The story behind the game is that “here there is a border between two worlds; the worlds of reality and the unknown- a border which is slowly disintegrating, as faith in higher powers is pushed into the shadows by man’s acceptance of technology. across the border of the mortal realm lies Limbo: where dark gods, mythical monsters and fantastic creatures have been imprisoned for centuries. But the sorcerers, the offsprings of the dark gods and mortals, escaped the great purge. They wait for their opportunity to regain their former strength.”

Players will create a unique Sorcerer by combining one of the 4 character decks with one of the 4 lineage decks  and one of the 4 domain decks. Those cards will be shuffled together to for the Grimoire which contains your dark magic and evil minions. There are 64 possible deck combinations in the base game that can come up with a unique set of sorcerer skills. There are also expansion decks for the sorcerer character lineage and domain. To find out more about  how to play Sorcerer or to view their Kickstarter campaign please visit the links below.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2-4
Suggested Play Time: 90 mins
Suggested Age: 14+

Included in the box:
Four 10 card Character Decks (Ariaspes, Miselda, Tegu, and Zevrane)
Four 20 card Lineage Decks (Followers of Usir, Hellfire Cult, Keepers of Progeny, and Oberon's Kingdom)
Four 10 card Domain Decks (Forgotten Temple, Haunted Forest, Outcast Sanctuary, and Screaming Coast)
12 skill cards
One Blood Pool Card
Four avatar standees
Four player boards
Three battlefield boards
Seven wooden tokens
Eight custom dice
Over 100 counters
A full color rule book

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: November 7, 2017
Ship Date: April, 19 2019
Website: White Wizard Games