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The Omen Saga, was originally designed by John Cloudus and printed by small box games. Kolossal games teamed up with John in order to bring this game back and reprint it. It has had a number of different editions over the years that have been reprinted. They have been working to streamline the card text, change some of the components and expand some of the context. The specific campaign that was launched for the game not only covered The rerelease of The Omen Saga, but also reissued A reign of War, Edge of the Aegean, Tales of the Ancients and Fires in the East.

Kolossal Games reached out to Kickstarter to launch their game as a way to connect with other game lovers for their launch of The Omen Saga. The project funded in under four hours and went on to unlock the Gift of the Gods. The team gave a sneak peek of the new art that they were working on for the cover. There were several forums that were running during the time that were designer spotlights of John Clowdus and then a few that contained the history of the editions. Kolossal Games hosted a livestream Q and A about the game. Backers were knocking out the stretch goals left and right and Kolossal Games was able to successfully raise $90,770 for the printing of The Omen Saga.

The storyline behind The Omen Saga players take on the roles of being the children of Zeus. They will compete and fight for three different cities to see who can gain the most victory points. During the game players gather coins and cards. The cards are used to marshall your forces into the cities that you are battling over. And the coins pay for them so there must be a balance between the cards and the gold. Every card in the deck is unique, and provides many different combinations of options. Some of the cards have abilities that may only be played once and some of them can be used over and over again throughout the game.

Players raze cities to collect the rewards that they hold and decide whether or not to utilize their powers. They will be able to complete mighty feats on their journey and let them bring an unexpected end to the game. There are several stand alone expansions that add even more content, and add different ways to play. To find out more about this popular game and view its expansions, or to view the Kickstarter campaign please refer to the links below. A link to the history of The Omen Saga that was made by BoardGameGeek can be viewed on the second update of the Kickstarter campaign.

Game Information:
Suggested Players: 2 players
Suggested Play Time: 30 minutes
Suggested Age: 12+

Included in the box:
Omen- Reign of War
Omen- Edge of Aegean
Omen- Fires in the East
Omen- Gift of the Gods
Omen- Tales of the Ancients

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: April 30, 2018
Ship Date: March 21, 2019
Website: Kolossal Games