“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment.

Red-eyes can be a pain in the neck--literally. I hate trying to sleep on planes and then waking up feeling achy and awful. Most travel pillows aren't nearly as supportive or comfortable as they claim to be, especially on those flights when I'm not lucky enough to get a window seat. That's why I was so excited to try the HeadHugger travel pillow. Created by Dr. Ryan Sipherd, the HeadHugger offers the best neck support possible for sleeping while sitting.

The HeadHugger features a memory foam pillow with an incredibly soft cover. Unlike most travel pillows, it goes up past my ears to make sure my whole head is supported and stays in place. As an added bonus, it fits so snug on my head that it dulls the sounds around me--perfect for those long flights seated next to crying babies. When I put in my earbuds, I can barely hear a thing.

I love how compact it is when rolled up in its compression case. The last thing I want when walking (and sometimes running) through the airport is something bouncing around on my back or shoulder. When it's rolled up, it stays securely in place. It even has a buckle to attach it easily to luggage or other carry on items so I don't have to worry about holding an extra item as I board.

The built-in strap makes it easy to carry, slip around your wrist or clip to a carryon.

To learn more about the HeadHugger's design and crowdfunding experience, check out the information below.

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: July 25, 2018
Ship Date: March 7, 2019