Your accounting team has requested a breakdown of all transactions and processor fees. With the release of our latest feature, Transaction Reports, you are now able to download a transaction report with the payment amount and associated fees.

One of our recent feature developments is to provide creators with access to Transaction Reports. With three reports to choose from, you'll be able to export a csv or excel file with the transaction details important to you. The Transactions by Order report will give you basic order details along with the total payment received. The Transactions by Order and Date will include the date in which the payment was issued and the date the survey was completed. The Order and Provider report will include how the payment was issued (Kickstarter, Stripe, PayPal, etc.). Payment providers that include a fee (Stripe and PayPal) the fee issued will also be listed in the report.

To access the reports, click on "Stats" found at the top of the left menu. Then select "Transactions" listed as a sub-menu option. Next, you'll want to select the report that you'd like to view/download. Once the report is selected, you'll see a list of orders and the included transaction details. Click "More Filters" to add the "Country" or "Configuration" filters to narrow down the orders in the transaction report. If no filters are needed, click "Download" in the upper right corner to download as CSV or Excel.

Click here for help with accessing your Transaction report.

We hope this feature helps creators with accessing the financial details related to their orders and payment provider fees.