It’s an established fact that packaging impacts the sales of your product - and that it can make or break your brand. Would you believe that 7 out of 10 customers say that packaging design influence their purchasing decisions!

In fact, there are various studies that have actually concluded that packaging is the most critical factor. These studies quote color, packaging material, design, and innovation of the packaging as factors that influence consumer purchases.

In a Nielsen report, Daniel Jhung, Vice President of Marketing at NESTLÉ USA, says that packaging is the most effective medium to make a real statement. He recounts how one of their brands - Lean Cuisine - was in free-fall. It was relaunched with a new design and packaging, helping them turn it around. He says “I think the new design was likely the number one reason that the brand was able to turn itself around; it changed the brand’s equity and its fortune.”

There are several other accounts quoted in this report, each of which corroborates this fact: Quality packaging help promote your brand and its products!

So, if you want your brand to stand out from its competitors, consider the following factors.


One of the most important aspects of packaging is the color. This is what makes your product catch the eye of would be customers. A whopping 93% of people admit that it is the visual appearance of the product that is the most essential factor. So, one cannot afford to ignore it. It’s no secret that different colors have different effects on people of different ages.

For example, kids’ products may be more colorful. Certain colors are associated with certain traits like calmness, love, adventure, and so on. As a marketer, it may be better to understand these aspects, rather than having to redesign or repackage the product later.

The Packaging Says a Lot About Your Product

An understanding of the consumer mindset is important while designing your packaging. In other words, the perceived value of the product can actually influence consumer buying decisions, and this has to be given due importance.

The packaging, apart from being appealing, should also be functional and safe; it should not get damaged in transportation, should suit the contents (especially for food and cosmetics, etc.), and one should also think about its storage. Leaked products or misshapen packaging can actually put customers off, and may even force you to recall the products, as it happened in the case of Tropicana.

Brand Recognition

While the packaging is an important aspect of the product driving the revenues, it is also true that many customers stick to a brand for an absolute value they have seen. Not only do you have to create brand recognition - you also have to maintain it.

Just think about a few brands that have found their way into your life and are there to stay; you will realize that there is an indelible identity about the brand in your mind, based on its packaging, logo, color, and design, etc. Hence, it is not wise to make changes for the sake of it, and packaging should be done with long-standing effect in the market and brand value in mind.

Constant changes can end up confusing the customer and can impact your brand and its sales adversely. Many old and successful brands, if you notice have seldom made any changes to their packaging.


It is good to acknowledge that there are discerning customers who are conscious about their choices, as compared to the impulsive buyers, who pick up a product from the shelf, just because it looked appealing. Depending on what kind of product is being marketed, it is always better to provide relevant information about the product on the packaging, to make the buying decision easier. For example, if it’s a food item, information on ingredients, sourcing, nutrition table, etc. makes sense. If it is a utility product, then basic information on the usage, if it is electronics, the various technical specifications, etc. can influence the buying decisions.

The Future

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