“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment

The Secret Cabal is an organization that creates podcasts and entertainment for tabletop gamers. They create over 60 tabletop gaming podcast episodes per year plus videos, live streams, audio dramas and more. This year they are releasing a new round of content. Their rewards include 5 full length podcasts per month covering board games, role playing games, and miniatures gaming. The Secret Cabal also makes videos, live streams, audio dramas, and more.

The Secret Cabal offered a variety of things for me to choose from with a donation to their release including; Add Ons for backers donating more than the minimum, Event Rewards- which are events that you can attend with the creators of the blog, and Backer Rewards- which are items that will be released for purchase.

The Add Ons for the promotion included items that I could add based on the value from my donation amount. I got to select the items that were shipped to me. The items that were available were; The book Grand Adventures- A Short Guide to a Better Role Playing Game, Near and Far Promo Tiles, Gloomhaven Scenario, Nemos War Expansion, Exclusive pint glass with logo, Game tote bag, lapel pins, Cobra dice, Challenge coin, bottle opener, Steves Original artwork, and a Sticker pack.

The Event Rewards were a very exciting option because it allows listeners to be able to interact with the creators of the podcasts. There were three different event options that I could choose from including: Dinner With the Cabal at Gen Con 2018, Dinner with the Cabal at Dice Towers Con 2018, and Dungeons and Dragons with the Lords of the Dungeon. Each of these events would allow me to interact with the Cabalists in some way. The Dungeons and Dragons option was also very exciting because I could choose to play online with the Dungeon and Dragon masters and see their technique.

Along with the release of the next season of The Secret Cabal Gaming podcast, were items that would be rewards for backers if they met their goal they include special promotional products such as; The book Grand Adventures- A Short Guide to a Better Role Playing Game, Red Raven Games: Empire of the Void cards, Stronghold Games cards, Northstar Games cards for the game evolution- with original artwork by Bender. Restoration Games: fireball island card, Blacklist Game cards, Van Ryder games cards, Greater Than Games cards, and Druid city games Grimm Forest cards.

Other goodies that I could purchase were also offered with this release including lapel pins, bottle opener keychain, sticker pack, member card, and the challenge coin. There were a large variety of things that the Secret Cabal were able to offer with their new years release. You can view The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast Website, or view their promotion by looking at the links below.

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: April 4, 2018
Ship Date: February 1, 2019
Website: The Secret Cabal