You are getting closer to fulfillment and it's time to get packing supplies together. To do this, you'll need to know how many orders have less than 4 copies of your game. To help with gathering this information, we've recently added a new filter, Product Count. The Product Count filter will allow you to filter orders by the number of products in their order.

Using "More Features" from the Orders page will allow you to apply filters needed to narrow down the orders. Product Count, a recent addition to the available order filters, makes it easy for you to find orders with a specific product count.

Easily apply the Product Count filter by accessing your Orders, found on the left menu. Next, click the blue "More Filters" button then the green "Add Filter" button. Under the Selection category you'll find "Product Count". You'll also find a search bar at the top fo the filters drop-down menu to type in the filter name. The filter defaults to "equal to", however you can change this to "greater than" or "less than" to change the criteria. Then enter the product count and click "Apply" to add the filter.

Click here for help with using order filters.

We hope this helps with filtering out orders based on their product count. This filter should enable you to identifying orders meeting the product criteria that is important to you.