When viewing the list of pledge details, it'd be easier for your team to see the pledge's Kickstarter ID instead of the Crowd Ox ID. With the release of our latest feature, Column Chooser, you can now change the columns of information visible.

The Column Chooser feature allows you to control which columns of data to make visible when viewing Orders, Products, Questions or Reward Levels. Each set of data is presented as a table with columns and rows. The Column Chooser allows you to edit the visible attributes to show the columns of data that is important to you.

To access the Column Chooser click the table icon found on the Orders, Products, Questions or Reward Level pages. The available attributes will be listed in the drop-down menu. Click on the attribute to add or remove a checkmark. The attributes with checkmarks will be visible.

Click here for help with using the Column Chooser.

We hope that the Column Chooser will help make the information that is important to you easily visible.