Your Kickstarter campaign is coming to a close soon and you'd like to put up a pre-order page to allow more backers to pledge. Waste no time and easily set up a pre-order page to start accepting pre-orders as soon as your campaign ends. Give backers who missed the campaign a chance to pledge!

Keep up that good momentum and give interested backers a way to pledge your project after your campaign has ended. You can easily set up the pre-order page by copying reward levels from your Kickstarter campaign. Add to your pre-order story to give backers details and images about your campaign. After you've set up the pre-order theme, or copied it from your Kickstarter surveys you can manually turn on your own pre-order page to "Start Accepting Pre-Orders". Turning on the pre-order page allows backers to enter their name and email to start their pre-order. You can start accepting pre-orders even if your pre-order surveys aren't launched yet. Your pre-order page will include a direct link to your Kickstarter page, allowing backers easy access to your project updates (as long as they are public).

Click here for help with setting up your pre-order page.

Until the pre-order surveys have been launched, the pre-order page will collect the backers contact info. In order for backers to be able to finalize their pre-order pledge, the backer would need to complete their survey. To get the pre-order surveys ready for launch you'll want to add products and images to the configurations. If you've already set up your Kickstarter surveys, you are given the option to copy those extras over to pre-order when copying the reward levels! Essentially you'll want to set up your pre-order surveys just as you did for your Kickstarter surveys. Once the pre-order surveys are ready for launch, let our Customer Success team know via email ( The CS team will be responsible for reviewing and launching your pre-order surveys. Once the surveys are launched, any pre-order requests that come through will go straight into the survey to finalize the pledge.

Click here for help with how to start accepting pre-orders.

We hope that the pre-order page can help your project with offering the pre-order pledge option to interested backers.