“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment.

TRIWA is combining aesthetics to create the first watch that will help end gun violence. They have partnered with a non-profit organization, IM Swedish Developments Partner, which retrieves and melts down illegal firearms from conflict torn societies. TRIWA purchases their humanium metal and uses it to melt down to make watches. TRIWA is hoping to revolutionize the watch industry. Watches are usually valued for their precious metals and are viewed as status symbols. This watch brings so much more than status to me by the symbolic value that it holds.

When I wear the watch, it makes me feel like I am making a difference. The funds that are made from the watches go towards fighting against the spread of illegal firearms, offers support to those who are victims of armed violence, and helps to rebuild conflict torn societies. Instead of using my buying power to support the idea of using my watch for social status, I am supporting a cause that matters. I am reminded of that cause everyday when I put my watch on.