During the live campaign, you offered backers a free product for pledging certain reward levels. The free product varies depending on the pledge level. Before launching the surveys you'd like to add the free products to the impacted orders. With our new Order Selections feature, adding the products just got easier.

The release of our new feature, Importing Order Selections, allows you to more effectively manage your pledges and save time by importing Order Selections, adding multiple products to multiple orders at once. In cases in which the product, price, shipping, or quantity vary from order to order, it's best to add the products by importing order selections. Easily create a CSV or Excel spreadsheet with the order and product details that will be used to import the order selections. If the same product, at the same price, with the same shipping cost is to be added to a list of orders, bulk actions can be used to quickly add the products. Click here for help with bulk actions.

Click here for help with creating the order selections file.

When creating your spreadsheet, pay close attention to the column header titles. 

Once you've put the order and product details into the spreadsheet, it's time to upload the file. Click on "Orders" from the left menu and select the "Import" drop-down in the top right corner. Next, choose "Order Selections" to "Upload and Preview" your file. Once all of the orders are identified with a green check, process the file to add the products to the orders. Don't forget to check a few of the orders to ensure the products were added properly.

Click here for help with importing Order Selections.

We hope that this new feature will equip you with additional tools to help manage your orders and save time. Instead of manually adding products to individual orders, use our new Order Selections import feature to quickly edit the orders.