During your campaign you agreed to collect the Sales tax, VAT and Customs during the survey. This is a benefit to backers, but managing the tax rates can become overwhelming. With the release of our latest feature, Sales Tax, VAT, and Customs you can now easily add the tax rates to be collected automatically during the survey.

Collecting a backer's sales tax, VAT and Customs is much simpler to manage with the our new Taxes feature. You can now add a tax percentage for sales tax, VAT (Value Add Tax) and Customs directly through the survey. The tax calculations are based on location and total product costs. The product cost is multiplied by the tax percentage assigned to their country and added as a billable line item in the survey. Don't worry, shipping and other taxes are not included in the taxable amount.  

You can easily add tax rates to countries and states individually or by zones. Simply access "Shipping and Taxes" from the left menu to get started. Next select the type of tax you'd like to add. Assign a tax percentage to the predetermined country zones, edit the included countries or create your own country zones. You can also add taxes by state for the United States, Canada, and Australia. Once tax percentages have been added, backers will be prompted to pay during the survey.

Click here for help with adding taxes.

1. Click on the country zone(s) that you would like to be included. 2. To view or edit the preset countries, expand each zone by clicking the blue link to the far right. 3. Enter the percentage. 4. Click 'Add'. Complete this for each Country Zone needed.

Hope this helps with assigning and collecting taxes during the survey .