After spending time and money to capture a variety of images for the products in your campaign, it would be nice to use those images in the survey. With the release of our latest feature, Image Gallery Support, you can now add multiple images to each product visible to backers during the survey.

Providing backers with multiple images for a product allows the backers to better explore the product. This is especially true when the product has variants, size/color/finish etc., that the backer is asked to choose from. Our new Image Gallery Support gives backers a better look at the options available. Additionally, backers pledging through the pre-order page would have access to more product images during the survey.

When creating or editing a product, a primary image is used for the product. To add more photos, simply drag-and-drop or upload additional images within the product. The backer will be able to view the additional images by selecting them from the image carrosel found at the bottom of the main image. Images can easily be removed by clicking the blue 'Clear' link in the upper right corner. Images should be 500x500 or an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Click here for help with adding images to products.

Empowering backers to view and learn more about your product by proactively providing more pictures can also help reduce the amount of backer email support for requests for more images. We hope that this feature helps provide your backers with more images to better dipict your product.