“Delivered:” is a series in which we look at crowdfunded ideas that have successfully shipped to their supporters. We dive into the final product, after its long journey from concept to fulfillment.

Edensoles is a breakthrough in technology that provides comfort for my feet. To be used in place of expensive orthotics, Edensoles perfectly customizes itself to my feet throughout the day to give me the best support possible. The creator of insoles was inspired to create the technology after visiting the podiatrist. He paid 700$ for an extremely uncomfortable pair of orthotic insoles. After 7 years of research they came up with Edensoles, which is a insole for your feet that is inexpensive and forms itself to fit perfectly, without a trip to the doctor.

Edensoles, dynamic customization continuously shapes to the contour of my feet from step to step, while providing me with the perfect level of arch support. The design of the Edensoles is created by a series of layers including polyurethane, anti sweat fabric, and cavities filled with polymer gel. The Polymer is made to shape to your arch and toes upon body weight. The shoe insole technology does not return its original shape after being used or just remain static. Rather it is constantly shaping to the contour of the users feet.

My Edensoles are great for a variety of shoes. I can use them in my slippers, tennis shoes or dress shoes. They also offer a thinner version of the inserts for fancier shoes. While running the Edensoles tend to help give a spring to my step. This has helped me run further, and work longer without having foot or back pain. The polymer inside them offers support and flexibility, no matter what pair of shoes I am wearing.

Without having to pay for the expense of orthotics, I have saved money by simply switching to the Edensoles. Their dynamic customization has given me more comfort and support throughout my day. You can find out more about the Edensoles technology, and their kickstarter campaign by visiting the links below.

Project Details:
Crowdfunding Campaign: Kickstarter
Launch Date: December 12, 2017
Ship Date: November 26, 2018
Company Website: Edensoles