The fulfillment group that you'll be working with has advised you that they require the backers first and last name to be listed as separate columns in the shipping export. Within our new Project Settings feature you'll find the option to dictate how the backer's name is collected, among other important settings.

We've opened up access to Project Settings, which will allow you to customize how certain data is collected as well as set restrictions or requirements within the survey.  Identify how you would like the shipping collected, by product or by weight. Additionally, you can prevent backers from reopening the survey or changing the shipping address once the survey has been completed. This is especially helpful if your project will be shipping very quickly and you'd like to prevent changes.

To access your project settings, click on "Settings" from the left menu. Then confirm the support email listed is the best email address for backers and our support team to reach you with questions. Pay special attention to the Prelaunch Settings, the "Shipping Price Calculation" and "Address Name Entry" settings can only be changed before your surveys have launched. Once your surveys are live the prelaunch settings cannot be changed. The On/Off Settings can be enabled/disabled at any time as needed.

We hope that the Project Settings feature will enable you to customize the surveys and data collected to meet your needs.