Your project will be shipping in waves based on region. Shipping to the US/Canada region is coming up and you want to confirm that the surveys are complete for those orders. Easily identify the status of the US/Canada orders by using Order Filters. Simply apply a 'Step' and a 'Country' filter view a list of the orders.

While order filters is an existing feature, we have expanded the filters and options available to an unprecedented level. Access to a wide range of order filters gives you the freedom to filter orders based on the criteria that are important to you. You'll have access to filtering by customer, order, product, shipping, and transactional information, among many others.  

Click here for a brief explanation of each order filter.

Applying the filters takes just a few quick steps. 1. Access "Orders" from the left menu. 2. Then click on "More Filters" next to the search box. 3. Click "Add Filter" to select the available filters from the drop-down menu. 4. Click "Apply" to apply the filters to the orders.

Click here for help with applying filters.

We hope this will help with identifying orders that meet your specific criteria. If you find yourself applying the same order filters, you can now use segmentation to save and re-load the filtered orders. Click here for help with segmentation.