You've made special arrangements with a group of backers to add free product to their order. You need to access these orders regularly but you have to apply the same Order Filters every time. With our new Segmentation feature, you can now save the orders as segments and use bulk actions to add the free product to the orders!

Creators, we have granted access to Segmentation! Gone are the days of applying the same order filters over and over again, save them as a segment. After applying the order filters to narrow down the orders, simply save the orders in a segment. Need to add a product, credit, or change the reward level of the orders in the segment? Those new bulk actions are now at your fingertips!

Click here for more information on creating segments.

When you are ready to pull those orders up again, skip the 'More Filters' step and load the segment.

Click here for more information on retrieving previously saved segments.

We've given you control and you can now perform a wide variety of bulk actions on the orders. Add products and credits to a segment of orders in just a matter of minutes. To use bulk actions on segments, simply create a new segment or load a previous one.

Click here for details on how to use bulk actions.

And last but certainly not least, exporting orders. With the release of the Segmentation feature, the exports menu and process has changed. For instance, the Exports menu is now a drop-down menu on the Orders page and the Previous Exports moved under Orders (left menu).

Click here for help with the export formats available.

Click here for help with exporting orders.

Click here for help with retrieving previous exports.

Our new Segmentation feature is designed to give you, the creator, the freedom of saving sections of orders and performing tasks to those orders without having to go through our support team. We hope you enjoy the changes.