You've just successfully funded another campaign, congrats! You plan to offer products from your previous campaigns as extras in the new campaign survey. This means that the total weight on each order could be vastly different. Our new feature, Weight-Based Shipping, is now accessible to help with more accurately billing for shipping.

Charging shipping by weight is now available with our new Weight-Based Shipping feature! Weight-based shipping allows you to bill backers for shipping based on the total weight of their order and the destination country. The best part about weight-based shipping is it's all-inclusive and the same rates apply to all reward levels and products. Getting started is easy, simply change the shipping setting to "Prices on Total Weight".

Click here for more on enabling Weight-Based Shipping.

Next, you'll want to assign every product that will be shipped, a weight. This includes reward level products and extra products available for purchase during the survey. Once each product has a weight it's time to assign shipping rates. Essentially you'll create a Country Zone to identify the countries with the same rates, then set the weight ranges and apply a shipping rate to each.

Click here for help with assigning weights to products.

Click here for instructions on assigning weight-based shipping rates.

Weight-Based Shipping allows projects to manage their shipping cost more effectively. This also allows backers to have better control over the amount of shipping they pay, depending on the products added. We hope that the availability of Weight-Based Shipping will help your project manage the shipping cost to backers.