You've promised Early Bird pledges the option to embroider their initials onto the product. The backers added the embroidery text during the survey, and now it's time to send those orders to get customized. You'll want to lock those products to prevent changes to the embroidery text. With our Locking Orders and Individual Products feature, you can easily lock the product.

Once the order details have been passed along to the fulfillment team, it's important to lock the orders to prevent any changes. If a backer has access to changing the products or shipping address after their orders have already started shipping, you wouldn't receive the update in time to fix it before the order goes out the door. You can run a Shipping Product Export to lock the orders in bulk and export the order details for your fulfillment team.

Click here for more on how to lock orders.

Shipping Product Export

There may be situations in which you only need to lock a specific product, but would like to keep the surveys open for changes. This would be helpful in a situation where you need to prevent changes to a specific product quantity, variance, or questions/text. This is particularly help with limited and customizable products.

Click here for help with locking products.

We hope that the ability to easily lock orders and products will help you with managing orders in the final days before fulfillment.