The time has come to send out your project surveys. You'd like to add a personal touch to the emails that backers will get during the survey. You now have access to Edit Email Templates yourself under Settings!

Adding a personal touch to the emails backers recieve is now accessible! You can now view the email templates, as well as, make any changes or edits before the emails are sent. You can also create new or custom templates to communicate with backers during the survey portion of the campaign. We recommend limiting the project updates to Kickstarter or Indiegogo, to prevent our emails from getting flagged as spam. Click here to review the email template options.

Pledge Confirmation Email Templates

To edit the templates, access the Settings from the left menu. Next click the Emails submenu. Find the template you'd like to edit and click on the three dots to the far right. This will open a window showing the email formatted using Liquid Syntax. Make the necessary changes and when you are ready, preview the email. You can preview as the backer would it, as a generic order or using a specific order number. You can also send yourself a test email to see what the backers will see. Click here for help with editing an email template.

We hope that the release of our new feature, Edit Email Templates, will empower you to personalize the backer emails.