You've finished negotiating the shipping rates for your project, and to keep things simple, the majority of countries will fall within one of three shipping rates. With the release of our new Shipping Zones, it's now easier than ever to apply a single rate to multiple countries.

Charging shipping post-campaign doesn't have to be a headache. We've simplified the shipping rate process by allowing you (the creator) to select the countries to be included in a specific shipping rate. Instead of entering the same rate over-and-over for each country, you can now select the countries and enter the rate once by creating a "Countries Zone". Click here for help with adding shipping zone rates.

1. Select countries 2. Expand regions to edit the included countries (if needed) 3. Enter the rate 4. Add

The new Shipping Zones also allows you to assign shipping rates to specific states within the United States, Canada, or Australia. This is especially handy, as an example, when shipping rates to Alaska and Hawaii are different than the shipping rate to the continental US. See Step 5 for help with creating state zones.

We hope this helps with expediting the shipping rate portion of your survey setup by allowing you to select multiple countries for a single rate.