For the next stretch goal you've offered a bundle package with a few of the add-ons at a discounted price. With our new Product Bundles feature, now you can combine multiple SKUs into one product.

Creating a product bundle is helpful when you have multiple products that you would like to be grouped together as one collective item, available as an extra in the survey.  The export will itemize each SKU in the bundle, so a new SKU isn't needed for the product bundle. You can now easily offer reward levels as extras during the survey as well.

Creating a product bundle is easy, you'll find the new option at the bottom of the menu when creating a new product. Next add the products the bundle will include, and assign any shipping costs (if applicable). Click here for help with creating a product bundle.

Many campaigns will allow backers to pledge multiples of their pledged reward level. With the release of the Product Bundles feature, you can now click a box within the reward level to offer it as an Extra. Click here for more information on selling a reward level as an Extra.

We hope this helps with easily selling reward levels as extras. As well as combining multiple SKUs into one product.