The project you backed months ago just sent out an update that the surveys will be closing soon, due to shipping. Suddenly you don't remember if you completed the survey or what shipping address you listed. Not to worry, we've got your back!

Whether you are a super-backer, new to crowdfunding, or somewhere in between, managing your Crowd Ox surveys just got a whole lot easier with the new Backer Portal! Start your journey to easier backer pledge management from the Backer Portal Homepage. Here you can sign up, log in, or reset your password. Once you've accessed your Backer Portal account you'll be able to check your survey status and shipping address for each project pledged, in one place!

If you are having trouble receiving the survey invite emails, you should be able to receive the confirmation email needed to complete the sign up process. Once you get access to your backer portal you can manage your surveys there.    

No more searching your inbox for survey invite links. Simply click on "View Survey" in to open your survey link or order summary. Click here for more info on accessing your survey.

Through the "View Survey" button you can now easily access your pledges to update the shipping address on your completed surveys (when available). Click here for more information on updating your shipping address.

"Edit Shipping Address" is found at the bottom of your order confirmation. 

Instead of tracking down a digital rewards email, we've made it easier to access your Digital Rewards through the Backer Portal. Click here for more info on accessing Digital Rewards.

We hope this new feature helps with managing your Crowd Ox surveys.